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WWJD? Not These 5 Things Christians Make into a Big Deal

by Bryan Hill

What Would Jesus Do, aka WWJD? Remember the bracelets? Mine was black with white lettering. If I’m honest, it was more of a fashion statement than a reminder for me not to yell at people when they cut me off in traffic or to always say, “God bless you,” when someone sneezed.

So let’s pretend Jesus was physically walking the Earth today. What would He not do that some of us have been guilty of doing? Um, that list could get heavy in a hot second. Let’s lighten up for a bit and chuckle over some of the things we Christians sometimes make out to be a really big deal. (It’s okay. Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves!) And, if we’re honest, most of these apply to Christians, atheists, and everyone in between. Jesus came for us all. And His life can teach us all!

So, WWJD? Well, probably not these 5 things!

Not-So-Humble Brag Selfie Posts

(Instagram selfie of Jesus with the ocean in the background) “Walked on water today. You should have seen Peter’s face!” #savemeLord #littlefaith

Stuff Collecting

I went into more debt today, but it was worth it. I got some designer shoes like Peter so I can impress the other disciples! They Rock! (Rock. See what I did there? Peter means: The Rock.)


See joke above.

Traditions for the Sake of Having Traditions

I can’t believe that Barth (Bartholomew the disciple) wore that hat inside the church today. Doesn’t he realize that you can’t worship God while wearing a flat bill?


I can’t believe she wants to come in to our church. Do you know what I heard about her? She was caught in the act of adultery. As in—right in the act! #noclass

Some silly examples, right? (Okay, maybe not the hypocrisy one. That one cuts a little close.) Too many times the examples we portray through conversations and social media may be giving off the wrong vibe. We’re not perfect, but we are called to live above reproach. To be in the world but not of the world. Let’s be honest. That’s not easy! But there are simple things that we can all tweak or change in our conversations and in our lifestyle that will help us to stand out … in a good way.

What are some things or habits in our lives that we need to ask Jesus to help us un-do?

Be so full of Christ that if a mosquito bites you, it flies away singing, “There is Power in the Blood.”

Sorry, had to end with a little more cheese.