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What Is True Worship? And, What Do I Worship?  

by Switch

It doesn’t matter if you’re a religious nut or an atheist. You worship something. We all worship something. But what is true worship, and what do I worship?

That’s an important question to follow an important thought. I’ll mention the important thought again just in case you were skimming and missed it. We all worship something—so what do we worship?

Think about it. Have you ever seen footage of a sports games where people in the crowd are covered head-to-toe in paint and fan gear? They’re yelling and screaming their heads off, booing and cheering. Occasionally, some people get into brawls over their teams. Fans have even gotten killed over a game that honestly has very little lasting significance in their lives.

How about Bieber beliebers, or the Beyoncé beyhive. Actually, let’s not think about them too long. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The screaming, the fainting, the heart-shaped hands. Okay, enough.

You worship whatever you give the best of your time, talents, and resources to. Plain and simple. So what do you worship? Your abs? That one Snapchatter with the soft eyes? Your image? Your social status? Your team? Your music?

Hopefully, you’ll come to a place where you’ll realize none of those things deserve your worship. There will come a day when you’ll realize everything under the sun was created by the only one worthy of our worship. If you’ll spend time trying to understand who God is, you’ll find He measures up to everything you’ve ever hoped for. You’ll live a life of worship. So, what is worship? True worship is a whole-life response to God’s greatness. Worship requires everything we have, everything we are, and everything we do.