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Supernatural Stuff Your Teens Want to Talk About

by Brandon Donaldson

Ghosts. Angels. Demons. Afterlife. The Holy Spirit. Heaven. Hell. It’s already pretty intimidating even when our little ones ask questions about stuff that’s hard to answer. But it can feel feel a little more scary when our teens start asking all kinds of questions about supernatural stuff. What should you do? Here’s a quick parents’ guide to supernatural questions.

Be Thankful for Questions
Questions are never a bad thing unless we ignore them. Be thankful that your child is coming to you and that they’re looking for answers. This is a great sign—even if you feel unprepared.  

Be Honest
Be honest with yourself in order to determine your approach. Do you have an answer, or do you have the same question? When you have the same questions about supernatural stuff, it can be an incredible opportunity to seek the answer together. Here is a great Bible Plan about the supernatural that you could do together.  

Have Anchor Points
There are always mysteries and questions, but I believe there are anchor points that can keep you grounded and on the right track as you discover more. The supernatural might be new territory for you, but it’s much easier to navigate if you have some anchor-point truths to start from. Here are just a few great anchor points for you as you jump into supernatural questions.

Determine your outcome
Let’s be honest. Many of us can feel uncomfortable with questions, especially about our faith or the supernatural. Questions like, “Heaven sounds good, but why would God send someone to hell for all eternity?”; “Is the devil really real?”; “Are there angels around us?”; “Why doesn’t God do all the miracles we ask for when they’re for really good things?”; or “Is God real?” can shake the best of us. Here is an important truth you need to embrace. I believe questions are meant to be springboards for learning and relationships, not barriers. This changes how you will approach the questions.

For example, I remember when my son was very young and he was ready to jump in the deep end of the pool without his arm floats. With both excitement and fear in his eyes he said, “Daddy, will you catch me?” He was already squatted down with his arms held back ready to jump. He did not ask the question for the sake of knowledge, but for action.

Remember that every question your child has is a great way to move them further and faster toward a stronger faith and purpose in God. That is the outcome you want.

Access the Holy Spirit
Let me answer at least one very cool supernatural question for you: Does the Holy Spirit really live inside of you? The answer is yes! The very same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.  You have access to the very presence of God—all the time. The Bible says that He is our Counselor and is able to reveal to us the deep things of God. Ask Him for guidance as you navigate the supernatural stuff your kids have questions about.

Okay, a bonus! Parents of preschoolers, I know your little ones have questions about supernatural stuff, too. Check out this Bible Plan together and see if it responds to their curiosity. Parents of elementary-aged kids, I’ve even got some help for you, too. Read this Bible Plan with them, and help them learn about the invisible world around them!

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