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How I Started Actually Reading the Bible Every Day … Without Guilt

by Jason Inman

Listen, can we just start here? Reading the Bible every day is great, but it’s not the one thing you need to do to make God happy, clear your conscience, or just feel like a better Christian. That said, if you want to start reading the Bible every day because you think you’re supposed to read it more, because everyone (and your mom, literally) is telling you to start reading the Bible every day, then you’re going to like my story.

I grew up as the seventh son of two pastors whose parents were also pastors. I heard the words “read the Bible” a lot. But, no one (except this one Sunday school teacher) ever forced me to read the Bible. Okay, she didn’t really force me, but she did coerce me with the promise of a rubber spider if I memorized Psalm 121.

Anyway, I went through life thinking, I should read the Bible more. Next thing I knew, I was married, in a career with little kids, and everything seemed so hard. I trusted God and believed in Him, but I struggled with decision-making, bad self-talk, and discouragement. At the same time, I felt this nag to read the Bible more. Not like an encouraging nudge, more like a lunch-lady’s “Eat your unidentifiable mush!” nag. The more I felt it, the less I read. The less I read, the more I felt it.

I was a Christian. I had a phone. So at some point I downloaded the YouVersion Bible App. And, like the Bible next to my bed, it sat there in prominent real estate—unused. But when I subscribed to the verse of the day, something cool happened. I’d have a negative thought about myself, and the verse of the day would encourage me. I’d need to make a decision, and I’d remember yesterday’s proverb. I’d start to lose my patience with my kids, and that day’s verse would come to my mind and my heart. I started thinking, Jason, you believe the Bible is alive and active, but has it activated you? Are you alive? I realized I was coming alive. I was reading the Bible every day. Most days, just the one verse.

Then, I started reading Bible Plans. Bible Plans about parenting, marriage, sex, joy, peace, exercise, helping others, and finances. I realized the Bible isn’t just alive and active, it’s one way God speaks to me today and every day.

Not too many years ago, I read the Bible here and there, mostly out of guilt. Today, I read it every day because I need it, I like it, and sometimes I actually love it. For instance, there’s my favorite passage, Psalm 121. It’s come with me through marriage, wrecks, career changes, death, and parenting. I guess hiding God’s Word in your heart is worth more than a rubber spider after all!