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A Secret Ingredient For Changing Any Habit

by Ally Evans

Can I make a confession? It’s not easy for me to change any habit. I’ve probably joined eight different gyms over the past decade. You might be able to identify with my struggle. I join with great intentions, go maybe a handful of times throughout the year, realize how much money I’m wasting, and quit.

But about 18 months ago, I found one that was unlike all of my previous experiences. I now go to the gym four or more times every week, and I love it!

What made the difference? What’s the secret ingredient to changing any habit?

Relationships! Relationships are the secret ingredient for changing any habit. From the first day, the staff treated me like we’d been friends for years. During my very first class, another woman sweating along with me gave some encouragement. Another member told me about the Facebook group to help hold each other accountable. Now, there’s no way I can leave this gym!


Just like my experience at the gym, the relationships you build here are what will keep you growing at Life.Church. Attend regularly, serve at your campusjoin a LifeGroup, and if you have kids, connect with their leaders in LifeKids or Switch. You’ll find relationships that will change your life—and your child’s life, too!

Life has changes—some expected, some not so much. It’s easy to get out of our routine. I get it! But let’s challenge one another to keep our priorities in check. Let’s become even more connected to our church and show our children just how important relationships are no matter what time of year—relationships with friends, in LifeGroups, and, most importantly, with Christ!

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