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Three Things to Do Right Now on Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas Eve! Maybe you’re with family and feel a little disconnected. Maybe you’re alone and this isn’t your favorite season. And you don’t know what to do right now on Christmas Eve. Well, never fear. 

Here’s what you should do right now

1. Get off of your phone or computer. Right now. Yes, we realize that means you’ll stop reading this post. Good. 

2. If you can, go be around people. This season is about love, so go hug your annoying relative. Go play a game with someone you love. Or go online and find a community to engage with and love on the internet (only if you’re not around people and can’t get around people, see point #3). 

3. Find a Christmas Eve Service. Whether it’s at Church Online (in which case we’ll let you ignore point #1) or a live service, you definitely should go, find community, and celebrate Jesus. 

Whether you’re struggling to get into the holiday spirit or ready to live your best holiday life, Christmas Eve is a joyous and wonderful holiday. Because it’s the day we celebrate the fact that God sent us Jesus to be with us and to never leave us. So, cling to Jesus. Ask for His peace and His joy. And go enjoy this day!

Now really, get off of your phone right now!