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How to Enjoy Life on a Limited Budget team 2 minutes

A good time doesn’t depend on how much you spend. There are several ways to enjoy life on a limited budget.

5 Ways to Talk About Money in Your Marriage Without Fighting or Freaking Out

Cindy Beall 4 minutes

Is talking money in your marriage without fighting or freaking out possible? Yes! Learn healthy ways to talk and plan how to make this your reality.

When It Comes to Your Finances, You Have More Power Than You Think.

Does thinking about finances make you feel anxious, worried, or a little sick? We get it, and we want to share some free resources we’ve created to help you start to feel capable of managing your finances with ease.

We all know saving money is good, and too much debt is bad. But life doesn’t always cooperate with our budget. So let’s discover some helpful guidance so we can feel confident–no matter what life throws at us. Over the next four weeks, you’ll receive practical tools and spiritual wisdom to support your financial wellness.

A lot is competing for your money. Start taking control of your finances today.

Prayers for Finances to Overcome Money Stress

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