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Peace Is Possible, But You’ll Need More than Self-Care

by Alli Wiseman

We’ve all dealt with that familiar feeling of stress—you know, when your stomach is knotted up, you can’t focus on one thing because you’re juggling a thousand fears in your mind, and insomnia settles in like an old friend. Whether it’s physically making you sick or just causing you a lot of mental anguish, stress is a real part of our lives, and it can start to feel like too much. But what if peace is possible? What if peace is closer than you think, but different from how the world describes it? There’s been a lot of hype about self-care techniques, but maybe true peace is less about working to create it and more about surrendering to it.

If you’ve dealt with stress for long enough, you realize you can postpone it, deal with it, and live through it, but you can’t overcome it on your own. Stress is chaos of the mind. It’s reacting to changing circumstances that make us feel threatened, scared, worried, or anxious. But even though we can’t overcome stress on our own, we have access to the antidote—peace.

Jesus is described as the “Prince of Peace” in Isaiah 9. Jesus was and is the fulfillment of peace. When Jesus was on earth, He promised His disciples that He would give and leave His peace with us even after He returned to heaven. There is no peace apart from Him. Peace is also described as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, meaning it’s something we’ll have growing in our lives when we allow God’s spirit to work in us. So, it’s obviously and understandably pretty important.

There are a lot of people and things that claim to bring peace to our lives: self-care techniques, meditation, journaling, and tons of other options. And while there’s certainly a place for all of those things, there’s no substitute for the true, perfect peace which is only found in God.

In the Bible, one of the root meanings of peace descended from the Hebrew word shalam, which means wholeness. It’s no wonder we can’t achieve peace on our own. We are broken people, and we’re not just seeking a solution to our stress. We’re ultimately looking for healing. And only God can take the broken pieces of our lives and bring them to completeness or wholeness. That’s what He does and who He is.

And here’s more good news. We have access to God’s peace. Isaiah also wrote that we can have perfect peace if our minds stay focused on God. If we go back to the meaning of stress, we realize that we can put our emphasis on God instead of our problems.

The Holy Spirit helps us find peace, and Jesus offers us peace when we ask Him for it. So today, know that you can’t overcome stress on your own, but you can seek the One who can. And you may just find deeper healing in the process.

I don’t know your story right now, but I do know that peace is possible. As I’m working on finding peace in my own life, here are some verses that helped me write this post:

Isaiah 9:6-7

Isaiah 26:3-4

John 14:25-27

Galatians 5:22-23