One Easy Way to Stop Limiting Yourself - Finds.Life.Church

By Chuck Porter

What’s your most valuable resource? How much of it do you have, and how closely do you guard it? Some people might say money. Others might say time, real estate, houses, or cars. Those are all popular answers. But the best way to stop limiting yourself is actually one of the simplest—stop thinking about how to spend your resources, and start thinking about how to invest them.

In Pastor Craig’s latest podcast, he gets into more detail about important steps like defining your win, but right now, let’s talk about how you can stop limiting yourself—specifically, let’s look at how time plays into the equation.

You might look at your day and see 24 hours. Or, if you look at the 168 hours in a week, you might feel like there’s no way to get done everything your career demands of you in the 40 hours when a typical person can put in work. That 40-hour time frame seems pretty limited, doesn’t it? When you’re thinking about how to spend that time, sure. But if you take the view of an investor, you’ll find a new perspective, and maybe some new ways to stop limiting yourself.

I can point to a few people in my life with whom I spent a relatively short amount of time, but who refused to waste that time and chose to invest it in me instead. People like my youth pastor, a high school teacher, and my football coach. If they had that kind of impact on me in such a short amount of time, imagine how much impact you could have on people you spend time with every day, like your co-workers or your family!

Your influence is powerful—both in a positive way and potentially in a negative one. If you’re just spending your time, it’ll show. But if you invest it, you’ll see a return!

Maybe for you, investing your time means listening to a leadership audiobook instead of top-40 radio on the way to work. Maybe it’s intentionally marking time on your calendar to invest in the health of your kids and family. It might be serving at your local church or actively building a better relationship with the people you work with. Whatever it is, do it! It’s time to stop limiting yourself.

Learn more about how to stop limiting yourself in Pastor Craig’s latest podcast.