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Looking for a Podcast for Women on Relationships? Here You Go.

by Jenn Jewell

Did you know that Life.Church Sisters is partnered with a conversation-style podcast for women called The Messy Table? I have the tremendous honor of hosting that podcast—an ordinary space for real women, imperfect stories, and the God who’s at work in our mess. I’m often joined by incredible co-hosts, such as Amy Groeschel or Cindy Beall, as we glean nuggets of wisdom from the honest experiences of other women.

Now, let’s talk about Relationship Goals—a powerful message series from Life.Church. Whether you’re married, dating, or considering what a future relationship could look like, we all have goals and expectations. But real life in real relationships isn’t always a blissful walk through the park on a sunny day. There are bumps and storms and, sometimes, complete tragedies. It helps to remember: We are never alone. God gave us His Word to guide us, His Spirit to comfort us, and His people to encourage us.

At The Messy Table, our heartbeat is simply to point women back to God and encourage each other by sharing pieces of our own stories and His faithfulness. We believe Revelation 12:11 to be true—our enemy is conquered by the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us, and by telling others about the way we’ve experienced God reaching into our individual, everyday lives.

Every woman has a story and every story matters. That’s why it’s a privilege to lock arms with gals from our church and the Church at large. United by one name—the name of Jesus—we are on the same team. And the truth is, we’re even better together.

So, if you’re looking for a podcast for women from those who already get it, from women who have clung to Jesus in the trenches of life, these relationship-specific episodes might be just what you need.

1. Maybe your marriage feels shattered due to broken trust, and you’re wondering if there’s any hope left. Lysa TerKeurst | Cindy Beall | Mary Kuti | Kacie Frazier

2. Maybe you’re walking through the “for better or worse, in sickness and health” part of your vows, but it’s not an easy road. Lauren Chandler | Tina LaTurno | Nicole Knox | Amanda Taylor | Mandy Meehan

3. Maybe, as a couple, you’re weathering a difficult storm. Jennie LuskoAshley Armstrong | Meryl George | Kat Robinson | LaTonya Pratt   

4. Maybe you simply want to strengthen your relationship by setting healthy boundaries or pursuing financial freedom. Robin Wall | Andra Pinkston

5. Maybe your marriage is headed down the drain, and you’re wondering how God could ever use this heartbreaking situation for good. Trish Helsel | Nicole Dawson

6. Maybe you need to remember that singleness is not a setback and your most crucial identity is your relationship with Christ. Jillian Zavacky | Ellie Berry

7. Maybe you’re still wrestling with your past, unsure if such unconditional redemption could really be true. Christine Caine | Shanna Crawford | Divina Bruss

Every story shared at The Messy Table has tremendous value—there are too many to list on this short post! But you can find them all on iTunes, Google Play, or (with full conversation notes + resource links) on my website. You can also join us for Part 1 and Part 2 of The Messy Table Bible Plans on the YouVersion Bible App. Plus, join us on Instagram for added encouragement throughout your week.

No matter where you are or what you’re facing, remember: Life is messy, but God is at work in your mess.

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