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How I’m Learning to Be an Optimistic Person 

by B.J. Johnson

In this unprecedented season, it can be hard to be an optimistic person. I’ve had days where I felt completely positive, ready to tackle whatever came my way, but other days, I’ve had moments where I felt completely deflated. Notice I said “moments.” See, I don’t think I’ve had bad days—I’ve had a bad five minutes that I’ve allowed to color my whole day. But this experience as a whole is actually helping me become a more optimistic person.

Let me explain: This quarantine season could have completely drained me, but it didn’t—even though I definitely expected it to. I was fully prepared to be depressed and anxious, ready to become a less-than-optimistic person. The beauty of what I discovered, though, caused me not to be a shut-in, but to be a shout-out! 

This season of being stuck at home felt to me at first like an unbelievably huge mountain I had to climb. Pulled away from the daily hustle and work environment I was accustomed to, I’ve been at home with kids, and haven’t gone to a physical church for a while. I miss the connection of face-to-face interactions. I’ve had to remind myself that to climb this mountain of isolation, I need the right mentality.

So here are a few things I’ve learned as I’ve adjusted to this season and as I prepare to re-enter a different, new normal—hopefully as a more optimistic person. 

On this journey, I’ve realized that what I focus on matters.  When I focus on self-doubt, self-pity, and negativity, I miss out on what can help me get to the top of this mountain—God, family, personal growth, and positivity. God wants me to trust that the path He has set for me will turn out for my ultimate good (Romans 8:28)—and this helps me become a more optimistic person.  I have to let go of what I can’t control and focus on His direction. Because ultimately, my optimism doesn’t come from my own strength. It comes from a deep sense of trust in God. And when I fix my eyes on Him, I can find real hope.