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Your Kid’s Life Will Change—Teach Them God Doesn’t

by Samantha Lowe

Just when you think you’ve got your kid figured out, they’re onto the next stage, and everything’s different. We certainly feel the pressure as parents, but our kids feel it, too. No matter what, your kid’s life will change.

Kids change, and there are growing pains that come along with all that change. New levels of thinking, understanding, skills—new schools, classes, teachers, friends, and challenges. Losing pets, losing loved ones, moving.

As parents, how can we help them make sense of it all? How can we build them up to be resilient, not only through the good changes but also through the ones that seem really, really bad.

Tell them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, right? But …

You know as well as I do that self-confidence can only go so far.

So tell them to talk it out. Confiding in others is critical, helpful, and healthy. But …

Even in the most supportive relationships, there are letdowns.

Is that pessimistic enough for you?

The fact is, kids change. Life changes! God doesn’t. Teach your kid about God’s faithfulness so that no matter what happens around them or within them, they know they can trust in Him, rely on Him, and find their direction in Him.

How can you help your kid understand God’s faithfulness? Here are a few conversations you can have as a family.

1. Read Bible verses together about God’s faithfulness and unchanging nature. Ask your kids to put them into their own words. Talk about what they mean.

2. Talk about the ways God has been faithful in your life. Ask your kids to share times He’s been faithful to them, too.

3. Talk about who God is and His unchanging nature. Ask your kids what they think God is like. Focus on the true aspects they share, and talk about how those things will never change.

4. Ask your kids to talk about change. Unpack the ways they’ve changed, people change, the world around them changes, and the way culture changes. Contrast that with God’s unchanging nature.