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You Can Find the Human Connection We All Need Right Now

by Laura Ketchum



You. Yeah, you.

Have you found yourself recently feeling a little, I don’t know … isolated?

Does the thought of seeing a friend in person fill you with an almost unfathomable amount of joy?

How about having a face-to-face conversation?

These last few months, we’ve all gotten an extended peek at what isolation can do to a person. And one thing’s become increasingly clear: We need each other. Because relationships make us better. They encourage us, challenge us, teach us, and inspire us.

But human connection is becoming harder to find. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated social distancing, our culture was growing more and more isolated. The demands of work and school and screens left us with little time to engage with other people.

So, let’s reverse that trend. Let’s take steps to invest in relationships with others. And there are so many ways we can! We can check in on someone. Send them a text. Make a video call. Have lunch together (in person or virtually). Move past the small talk and have a conversation about what’s really going on in life.

And here’s another way to find that human connection: listen to the You’ve Heard It Said podcast. Is this a bit of a shameless plug? Yes. But it’s a shameless plug made for a good reason. The folks at Finds.Life created the podcast to help people engage with one another–whether that be in a LifeGroup or any other social setting. (P.S. If you don’t have a LifeGroup, we’ve got you covered. You can join one IRL or online. Find one here.) 

Here’s the thing, though. This isn’t just more information for you to consume in isolation. We’re done with that. We’re inviting you to have conversations in the context of trusted relationships to get the motivation you need to turn the information into transformation. Each episode is designed for you to have a real conversation about what you’ve heard said (get it?) with another human—maybe a friend, a roommate, your family, or your LifeGroup.

Interested in getting a feel for what the podcast is like? Just play the audio clip below.


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We hope you’re excited about the podcast and the conversations it will inspire. Now, what are you waiting for? Go invest in some relationships.