Here’s Why Spending Your Time Wisely Is the Wrong Idea - Finds.Life.Church

What’s wrong with spending your time wisely? Well, nothing. Except investing is always better than spending and that’s what this episode of my podcast is all about.

As a leader, you know the value of wisely investing your resources—but how do you actually do that? Your resources change over time. You’ll have seasons of growth and seasons that are more difficult. The amount of margin you have will fluctuate. And while you can’t always predict the future, you can always be prepared for it.

In this episode of my podcast, we take a look at four common mistakes leaders make when it comes to allocating resources and how you can avoid them.

Four Common Resource Allocation Mistakes

  1. Static resource allocation
  2. Under-resourcing an area of your business
  3. Over-resourcing an area of your business
  4. Being too risk-averse

Thanks for watching, and remember: be yourself. People would rather follow a leader who’s always real than one who’s always right.