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Here’s Another Kind of Fun

by Sheri Yates

We typically think of fun as entertainment, laughter, hanging out with friends, watching a movie, vacationing, or playing games—but is this really what fun is all about? Or is this entertainment a distraction from true enjoyment?

Fun isn’t about worldly entertainment that makes us idle, busy-bodied time-wasters who are distracted from doing what we really need to do.

I’m redefining fun as encountering the love of God and sharing it with others. I’m telling you, there is nothing more enjoyable than reaching one and teaching one! It is a great joy to smile at a cashier who is downtrodden under a challenging day and see the sparkle return to their eyes.

There is nothing more fun than praying for someone and having them look you in the eye and say, “This is exactly what I needed. I prayed today and asked God, ‘If you are real, would you send someone to me?’ You are the answer to my prayer.” When we are alert, listening to the Holy Spirit, and not distracted or idle, we are able to enjoy what is eternally fun!

There is nothing that brings more pleasure than teaching someone the Word of God, seeing their spiritual light bulb turn on as they recognize their own limitations, and watch them walk away from their sins.

The Word of God is sharper than a double-edged sword and it will penetrate someone’s heart when we are teaching them. We don’t have to be the Holy Spirit. We only have to show them the way so that they can lean in and hear directly from the Holy Spirit, who is their guide, teacher and truest friend. He will bring them into the likeness of Jesus—not we. We are never going to bring someone to the likeness of Jesus. But we can be the hands and feet that plant the seeds and water the garden so that the Lord can bring about the harvest.

Working with the Lord—and the faith and worship that go along with it—is the most fun you will ever experience in your life. Disney World is not the happiest place on earth. The happiest place on earth is wherever and whenever we encounter the love of God and share Him with others.

I challenge you to redefine fun in your own life: your workplace, school, hobbies, and family. Start bringing God’s kind of fun into this world.