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Do You Get Stressed Out When Life Is Good?

by Cindy Beall

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there,” said the late Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Vince Lombardi.

That’s you, my friend. You’re on top of the mountain now, and you know you didn’t just happen to land there. Now the view from where you stand is priceless. But something is strangely unsettled within you. And I must ask, “Do you get stressed out when life is good?” Do you have this “When will the other shoe drop?” feeling in the pit of your stomach? It robs you of enjoying the view that you’ve been fighting for, doesn’t it?

But you don’t have to get stressed out when life is good. You can learn, instead, to enjoy the view from this mountaintop. The view that allows you to see the valley you just trudged through and enables you to see how everything worked together for good. It can be a place where you get to know God in a deeper way than you thought possible—but only if you can relax and stop being stressed out!

So, what do you do when you’re on the mountaintop?

  1. Reflect. Think about and meditate on God’s awesome attributes. His faithfulness, sustaining power, presence, and strength helped you climb the mountain you now stand on. Thank God for the mountaintop, and thank Him for the climb that got you there. (Deuteronomy 7:9; 2 Corinthians 12:9)
  2. Rest. Soak it up. Allow your spirit to breathe deeply. Don’t busy yourself to fill in the gaps because you aren’t used to the quiet. Sit in silence. Take long naps, long walks, and do things you enjoy. Have yourself a nice, long sabbath after such a long, hard spiritual expedition. (Exodus 20:8; Matthew 11:28)
  3. Recharge. Maybe your sense of worry comes from a nagging feeling like you should be working harder than you are. Maybe you think you’re being lazy—but don’t mistake rest for being lazy. This recharging period is to strengthen our spiritual muscles that are sore from the treacherous hike we just finished and to ready ourselves for both the joys and challenges of the future. (Matthew 6:33)

Notice there is nothing in this list about fretting over the upcoming struggles you’ll face or wondering if the “other shoe will drop.” Sure, life isn’t always easy, but we trust the things we’ll experience in the future will help shape our character even more. The bottom line for us in this time of our lives is that we enjoy today instead of borrowing trouble from tomorrow. You don’t have to get stressed out when life is good.

Treasure this well-earned view after the fiery trials that chiseled your character, burned off the rough edges of your personality, and challenged you to stand up for your principles in a crowd that begged you not to. God was with you in the rough valley, and He’s with you on the mountaintop. Enjoy Him there!

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