Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Opens Up With Hope About Anxiety and Depression - Finds.Life.Church

By Eva Aranda

I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child, as a teenager and a young adult, and they were always one of my favorite girl groups. What I remember about this Grammy Award–winning pop trio was that they were talented, entertaining, and fabulous! I mean, what else could a young girl need for a role model, right?

Unfortunately, my life wasn’t always upbeat and fun, like a pop song. Growing up, I struggled with low self-esteem and a need to belong. In public, I wanted to be like all of the pop princesses that were splashed all over the television and radio, but in private, I was depressed and often confused. This led to me making bad decisions, but thankfully, through prayer, reaching out, and seeing how others were able to get through their hard times, I found that we all share similar experiences.

No one is exempt from feeling shame, depression, and sadness, even the most popular celebrities, like Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. That is why I was so moved by Michelle’s willingness to openly share her story of depression with the world through her YouVersion Bible Plan called Anxiety & Depression: Finding Hope with Michelle Williams.  Michelle opened up about struggling with depression and not feeling “good enough.” I was shocked at how someone who widely seemed to have it all could struggle with anything. The truth is, all of us struggle with something, no matter how much influence you have, or what title you hold.

In the Bible, we read about Moses who freed the Israelites from slavery, David who defeated Goliath, and Paul who spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to thousands of people. The Bible also tells us that these greats struggled with self-doubt, lust, depression, and persecution. My pastor, Craig Groeschel, often says, “We might impress people with our strengths, but we connect with people through our weaknesses.” That is exactly why Michelle Williams has meant so much to me. I was inspired by her talent, but I connected with her through her weakness. Please don’t hide your scars in shame. Show your scars as a symbol of freedom! Allow God to use what the enemy meant for destruction, for good. And while it’s okay to be talented, entertaining, and fabulous, it is more important to be humble, honest, and open. Someone’s life change could be waiting in your story.