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The World Is Reopening—Here’s How I’m Depending on God in the Middle of It

by Alyssa Chandler

The pandemic may not be over, but several parts of the world are reopening. After what will likely be the most impactful and devastating worldwide health crisis of our time, it’s normal to feel some emotion—including confusion—when it comes to returning to life as we once knew it. Read on for some perspective and a few practical tips about depending on God—and why it’s crucial as the world opens back up.

Reflection matters. We see it all throughout the Bible. 

One of Jesus’ favorite things to do was share parables that wouldn’t make sense until after the work was finished. It was only after people lived through an experience that they could truly reflect on and appreciate the weight of the words Jesus had spoken. So often, it was only then—in the reflection—that they began fully depending on God.

So, what’s my point in all of this? 

In the historic moment we’re living through, we can’t miss this moment to pause, thoughtfully reflect, and prayerfully move forward. Even if you’re tired of talking about it, even if you have topic fatigue, push through and know that real fruit awaits you on the other side. 

And think of it this way: If God brought you to it, and He got you through it, He probably wants you to review it.

Here Are Some Questions for Reflection: 

Be brutally honest with yourself—that’s how we learn! And now, read on for some ideas about how we can continue depending on God by taking what we’ve learned and actually applying it. 

What did you learn? Remember: God often speaks to us in a quiet, unassuming whisper. So pay attention to that thought quietly surfacing in the back of your mind. It might just be something God wants to show you.

To help get your thoughts going, I thought it might be helpful to share with you some of my biggest takeaways from 2020. Sometimes I find I’m most inspired by hearing others’ experiences, so in case that’s you too, here are my main learnings:

Those things are rhythms and gifts created by Him, but they were never created for us to need or rely upon. The more comfortable we get, the less we need to rely on God. 2020 reminded me that I could do better at depending on God—and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to depend a whole lot less on the things of this world.

I feel confident that no matter what last year looked like for you, there was something to be learned and something God wanted to teach you through such an unusual time. 

So, naturally, I think the question is: How can we make sure to carry these lessons into 2021 and beyond? How can we internalize the wisdom, learn from it, and apply it in the future? 

Three Ways to Learn From 2020

1. Don’t forget what you’ve learned. Take what you learned and put it in front of you somewhere. Pray about it. Make it a screensaver on your phone. Put it on a Post-It note on the fridge. Write it with a dry-erase marker on your mirror.

2. Pray for God’s renewing of your mind. God can make all things new. If you think He’s not bigger than your fears or anxiety, think again. He invites you into a relationship with Him. If you have kids, think about it this way: How does it make you feel when your children come to you and want your help solving a problem? We love it! We cherish it. It makes us feel special and trusted. How much more will we experience God’s love when we surrender our fears to Him?

3. Find accountability. In my experience, the quickest way to see a lesson lose its momentum is a lack of accountability. Tell someone you’re trying to grow in this area! Tell someone what you’ve learned. Point-blank ask them to hold you accountable. All you have to do is share your takeaway and how you want to change. Make a plan, and don’t keep it to yourself.

Another thing to note: grief takes place in phases. You might still be grieving and processing, and rightfully so. That’s totally valid and okay! 

Here’s some encouragement: Don’t do it alone. Process what you’re feeling with a trusted friend or a LifeGroup. Look into counseling. And most importantly: pray. Involve God in your healing journey. His arms are open, and He’s patiently waiting to surround you in the comfort only He can provide.

It could be difficult for our brains to comprehend going into a maskless world again. Just think about it—for over a year now, we’ve trained ourselves that the safe and socially appropriate thing to do is to cover our faces. We’ve relearned body language, we’ve rewired habits, and we’ve redefined safety. 

These things may have all even been unconscious! So how do we stay strong while embracing yet another change? How do we flip the script after being conditioned that normal was unsafe and dangerous? And how can we depend on God in the middle of it all?

Ideas to Help You Combat Feelings of Uncertainty:

So, as parts of the world reopen, remember to apply what you learned throughout 2020. Take time to think about, pray about, and process how you’re feeling. And no matter what, remember that you’re never stronger than when you’re depending on God.