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July 26, 2022

What Is Hope? It’s Not What You Think

Hope isn’t what you think it is. Don’t just wish for the best. Know about the real hope you can have, even when your circumstances seem hopeless.

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July 12, 2022

Co-laborers With Christ? Amy Groeschel on What That Actually Means

Did you know that Christians are called to be co-laborers with Christ? We are—and it’s a labor of love and empowerment. Find out what it means!

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May 17, 2022

One Parenting Tip Moms Should Try Every Day

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Our kids constantly need us, but I’ve learned one tip that helps me become the mom my kids need.

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February 22, 2022

Amy Groeschel: What Does It Mean to Be Faithful to God?

What, exactly, does it mean to be faithful to God? Amy Groeschel explains it beautifully. Learn how you can respond to God’s call on your life!

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February 18, 2022

Amy Groeschel: Here’s How Craig and I Pray Together Every Day

Do you and your spouse pray together? You can start anytime! Amy Groeschel explains how she and Pastor Craig pray together daily and what it means to them.

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January 25, 2022

Amy Groeschel: The Importance of Prayer in These Uncertain Times

These uncertain times remind us of the importance of prayer, which is why we’re coming together to lift up the name of Jesus. 

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September 28, 2021

Wondering How to Be Genuine? Look at Your Motivations

Do you ever question whether you’re truly authentic? Do you wonder how to be genuine in your interactions with others? This is a great place to start.

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September 21, 2021

Dealing With Too Much Pride? You Can Leave It Behind for Something Better

Knowledge is good, especially when it comes to knowing God’s Word. But what about when knowledge puffs up, and you feel too much pride? What can you do?

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August 3, 2021

Is There a Calling From God on My Life? Absolutely, and Here’s How to Live It Out

Does everyone have a calling from God on their lives? You bet. And you can live it out!

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