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Amy Groeschel: Why There’s a Whole Lot of Foot Washing in the Bible

by Amy Groeschel

Did you know there’s a whole lot of foot washing in the Bible? Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and asked them to do the same. At Life.Church Sisters, we’re learning all about how to respond to the call God has placed on our lives. We’re learning how to live a life worthy of that calling. One way we can is to wash feet. Read this excerpt from The Call, a Bible Plan by Amy Groeschel, for more understanding.


In Titus 2, we see how Jesus changed our purpose from selfishness to selflessness. In Christ, we become eager to serve and do good. We desire to walk in love. Essentially, we know it’s our divine calling and privilege to wash feet—to serve others as Christ served us.

Step boldly into God’s calling knowing that your selfless service will reveal His goodness and glory. Remember to depend on the Holy Spirit to empower you in whatever He has assigned. Whether you run a business, wash cars, design graphics, coordinate volunteers, or provide pedicures, do it all by relying on the strength of God to display His greatness. If you are given opportunities to speak to groups of people, acknowledge that your lungs and vocal cords are His vessels to articulate words of truth and life from the Holy Spirit.

Ultimately, when we “wash feet,” we have a choice: We can choose to serve in our own strength, or we can lay aside our self-reliance and ask the Holy Spirit for help. When we rely on Christ in us, true light will shine from our good deeds. Our acts of service will not be show-and-tell events for everyone to see. We won’t need to post our acts of kindness on social media. We won’t want to group text our friends about how busy we are because we’re making pies for the homeless shelter. The gift of serving our Savior is reward enough.