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Amy Groeschel: What Does It Mean to Be Faithful to God?

by Amy Groeschel

What exactly does it mean to be faithful to God? The good news it that it’s not complicated: We should obey what we know God is telling us to do. More good news? It always pleases our heavenly Father when we do! The rough news? Um, it’s not always easy. At Life.Church Sisters, we’re learning all about how to respond to the call God has placed on our lives. We’re learning how to live a life worthy of that calling. One way we can is to be faithful to God and His calling. Read this excerpt from The Call, a Bible Plan by Amy Groeschel, for more understanding.

I must confess—I like comfort. I’m fond of my soft, comfy bedding with my “just right” pillow to lay down my bone-tired self on each night. Sometimes it dawns on me that much of humanity lacks many such luxuries, and then this Scripture leaps into my mind and heart: … From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.  Luke 12:48 NIV

As motivating as these words of Jesus are, some mornings I find it hard to get out of that comfortable bed and face the day’s tasks and challenges. I know I must—we all must stay the course of faithfulness if we want to serve Christ, because in Christ, we have been given much. We will always have everything we need to do everything He calls us to do. But following Christ will never stay on the easy, comfortable, and most traveled road.

Let’s not be unfaithful Christians. Our call is to be faithful no matter what—even if we don’t feel like it in the moment.


When you are compelled to reach out to someone but a sudden wave of excuses tempts you to ignore the Holy Spirit’s promptings, push through your weaknesses and into that wonderful unknown. When you feel called to give but don’t want to make the sacrifice—give anyway. When you’d rather binge-watch a new show on Netflix than serve that person in need—serve anyway.

We often forget that following Christ means carrying a cross. Just think about physically carrying a cross—a big, heavy, scratchy, wooden one. Thankfully, literal cross-carrying is not mandatory. Yet consider the cost. Faithfully following Christ calls us into sacrifice, opposition, and weariness just as much as it also brings joy, peace, and freedom.

Remember: Easy doesn’t transform, and comfort will not challenge the status quo. How will you walk in faithfulness today?