10 Manly Tools for Living a Wild Life with John Eldredge - Finds.Life.Church

First off, let me explain what I mean by “wild life” with John Eldredge. Living a wild life is all about living with your soul set free. It’s not YOLO, the kind of wild life where you do whatever you want. If you’ve tried that, you know it leaves you feeling like a sad circus animal: directionless, caged up, and half-alive. It’s not putting on a masculine costume, either. That sort of thing just doesn’t work for anyone involved. This wild life is set on trusting unswervingly, healing relentlessly, loving courageously, and adventuring purposefully. The “with John Eldredge” part is because a couple of us guys had read Wild at Heart and decided pack our bags and road trip out to Colorado to ask John some questions about what it means to be a man.

Consider Jesus for a moment. How was His life wild? He announced it, to His boyhood town in Luke 4. He walked in front of a church and said He’d come to release prisoners, let the blind see, and make the oppressed free. Wild enough? No wonder He said in John 10:10 that He came not just to give us life, but life to the fullest!

Here are 10 manly tools for living a wild life.

  1. Start a Wild Life men’s group. Four guys like you road-tripped to bring their questions to John Eldredge, New York Times best-selling author of Wild at Heart. The good news is they found what they were looking for and got it on camera for the rest of us. If you attend Life.Church, ask a staff member or volunteer at your campus about how to get involved. Whether or not you attend Life.Church, here’s where to get the whole Wild Life experience for free.
  2. Get the Bible on your phone and start the Wild Life Bible Plan. If you haven’t yet, just do it. Today. It’s free, and it’s how you get free. Start the Wild Life Bible Plan.
  3. Read some books by great men. Pastor Craig Groeschel’s Fight, John Sowers’ The Heroic Path, and Roger W. Thompson’s We Stood Upon Stars are all great places to start. If you’ve read some of those and you’re looking for a next step, try Eldredge’s Fathered by God.
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  5. Find some tools for keeping your devices safe. First, you’ll want to come to some realizations about quitting porn. Then, get some accountability software like Covenant Eyes or X3watch. Download ad-blockers. Turn on safe search. Unfollow people. Delete tempting apps from your phone.
  6. Read a great marriage book. Pastor Craig and Amy Groeschel’s From This Day Forward, John and Stasi Eldredge’s Love and War are some of the best of the best. Marriage is about way more than avoiding divorce.
  7. Go to counseling. What? Yes, admitting you need it and deciding to go to counseling may be one of the manliest things you ever do.
  8. Get a mentor. Mentors are one of the ways God grows us up. It’s time to find someone older and wiser than you to help you find the way.
  9. Pray. Yes, prayer is a tool because it works. But it’s also way more than a tool. It’s how you access, know, and talk with your heavenly Father.
  10. Go outside. This doesn’t have to be a barefoot hike with grizzlies. Just get around stuff God made. He’s your Father, and enjoying His creation does something to help you relate as His son. Even if it’s just a walk around your office building—get outside often to talk with Him.